ASK / CA ManMan development by Prentis IT Consulting


Prentis IT Consulting are pleased to be able to offer professional consultancy and development on the ASK / CA ManMan ERP for customers in the manufacturing business group, in the UK and worldwide.

We are working on solutions for ManMan users RIGHT NOW. ManMan has been around for a long time; when searching for resource be sure to ask when the provider actually last worked on the product, it was probably years ago.

What is Manman? Click here to learn a little more.

Manman Data Archiving by Prentis IT

Are you planning to migrate or have already migrated from ASK Manman? Prentis IT are currently working on a web based system, hosted by us, which will allow you to access your archived legacy data. Click here to learn more NOW.

Recent Projects:

Increased Indented BOM reporting accuracy.  The standard ManMan indented BOM reporting programs cut straight down the BOM using a set date. This is true even if running the report for a given revision; ManMan will simply use the date that the revision became active to drive the data extract. Our modification uses the lead times of the assemblies and parts which make up the BOM to offset the extract date for each level, and therefore give a more accurate representation of what parts and revisions would have gone into the BOM.

Web Based Purchase Order Creation.  Working with the client's Web designer, we have produced Java classes to enable the ManMan MRP requirements to be ported via JDBC to a site where buyers can confirm the requirements, and vendors can login and accept the orders which are then created dynamically on ManMan.

Engineering Prototyping System. This is a very exciting project for a major US semiconductor services company. To enable a rapid concept-to-market time for a new product, we are helping to develop a system for prototype parts running in conjunction with standard corporate parts, allowing the ECO process to be shortened and full use of the MRP for the prototype parts.

Reverse Auction Reporting System. Created an Image extension database, Maintenance program and Reporting program to enable the customer to monitor cost savings for parts which had been subject to a Reverse Auction process.


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